Why pick Shiny Things?

Are you tired of dull ordinary things? I am!

That's why I have been creating my own line of Shiny Things for you to enjoy!

On this site you will explore my collection of dazzling and eclectic handcrafted pieces embellished with Swarovski crystal, bold stones, artisan metals, colored glass & fantastic pendants. No two pieces are the same! The Shiny Things collection consists of three lines. The first line is my main Shiny Things collection featuring unique pieces for the Shiny lady (and daughter!) which includes my top series of The Super Awesome Clicky Bracelets. The second, Trash-80, is uniquely science fiction and comprised of reclaimed electronic components. The third, Ada's Revenge, captures the steampunk flair of an alternate Victorian age, but is shinier!

Get Your Shine On!